There have been two constants in entrepreneur and Plated co-founder Nick Taranto’s life: a love of food, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Both have steered him (sometimes comically) wrong time and again, as he writes in his compelling memoir, The Evolved Eater. From eating whale blubber after an accidental plummet into the Arctic Ocean, to force-swallowing “RIB shaped barbecue flavored pork patties” during Marine training, or scarfing down greasy takeout after 90 + hour weeks on Wall Street, one thing became blindingly clear: What we put into our bodies matters, however you spin the nutritional data. 

This book chronicles Nick’s journey into becoming an Evolved Eater, a title shared among 31 million Americans who are questioning where their food comes from and how it will better their lives and community. In the process, Nick builds from his kitchen table into a multi-hundred person company that has shipped millions of meals across America. He explores the current state of food in the U.S. His startling insight into pay-for-play nutrition “facts” and wayward diet fads leads to the ultimate question: what should we actually be eating if no one can agree?





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Nick Taranto is a Fulbright scholar with a BA from Dartmouth. He received his MPA and MBA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School before enrolling as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps. After leaving active duty, he worked at Goldman Sachs, but was disillusioned by the lack of mission on Wall Street. In June 2012, Nick and fellow HBS alumn Josh Hix co-founded Plated in order to use tech and data-driven operations to fix the broken American food supply chain. Nick is proud to hold the unofficial title of Plated’s “test kitchen nibbler.”